Daily Prompt: Call me, maybe

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

How Are You?My phone. All 3.5 inches of her gorilla glassy, stylish white/shiny silver body. I love her.

I love her most of all because she’s an extension of me. Not simply a means to receive or make calls; in fact thick stone walls make reception more of a concept than a reality. No she’s more than that, she’s a link, a portal, a go between. Between me and a world of friends who otherwise would be out of reach.

Text, tweet or email she is how I let others know what I’m up to, what I’m feeling and where I plan to be.

But she’s not even just a narcissistic augmentation of me, she’s a means to find out these same details about my nearest and dearest. Whether it’s friends in the same town or family countries away, I can always know in an instant what the latest news is.

My phone brings me closer to those I love.


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