Daily Prompt: “Are you Surreal?”

What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

A few weeks ago I was on TV. Prime time TV, with nearly 6 million UK viewers, two nights in a row.

It was surreal.

I was actually a contestant on a game show. Correction, I was a contestant on my favourite game show, Pointless.

Pointless Experience

I’ve been an avid viewer of the BBC ONE show for nearly 3 years in which time I don’t think I’ve missed a single episode of the tea time brain teaser (thanks largely to my SKY+ box). Not only that, I’ve also taken to following the shows hosts on Twitter, buying the book they’ve co-authored recently and asking for the travel game for Christmas. Some might say I’m obsessed.

So it was a genuinely surreal experience to find myself on the set of Pointless, the last show ever to be recorded at BBC’s studio 6, face to face with Alexander Armstrong and his pointless friend, Richard. As the scoring column sprang in to life and the audience ohh’ed in anticipation I realised I was part of something I really loved. Surreal.

Fast forward 2 months and my phone starts going mad as friends and family inundated me with messages:

“You’re on TV!”

“Ohh, tough question.”

“Why did you say that?”


I decided to avoid watching it ‘live’ and respond to all these messages before I sat down later to enjoy my star turn in piece. There I was on the telly box; introducing myself on my favourite TV show. Surreal.

Of course by the time I was on again the next evening it wasn’t quite as dramatic. Except it was; this time I was on for best part of an hour rather than 15 minutes and I got to the final and won! I wasn’t just a contestant on my favourite TV show, I was a winner.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that was the end of the experience but it wasn’t. I’ve become something of a minor celebrity in my town. I walk into shops and those on the counter squeal, “I saw you on TV!” I wonder down the street and people stop me and know my name. I take my boy to the park and get followed around by fellow fans and given 20 questions on the experience. Surreal.



7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: “Are you Surreal?”

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    • It was pretty sweet. And I’m still being recognised!?! Went into the local bakers and the women behind the counter said, “I’ve been waiting for you to come in for weeks, congratulations!”

      I think it made the other customers feel a little awkward :s

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