Meet Gio

Allow me to introduce you to Gio. He’s a character in a novel I’m writing (sshhh, that’s a secret). He isn’t the main protagonist but he does play a fairly major role in proceedings. I’ve previously done a character sketch on my main character, Dan, but this is first time I’ll set down some solid ideas about Gio, his background and what makes him tick:

Gio, real name Glenn, is a 16-year-old who’s in the process of trying to reinvent himself. Like most 16-year-old boys he’s very concerned with his appearance and how members of the opposite sex perceive him. Being Glenn from Dundee just never seemed particularly ‘sexy’ to him.

Enter Gio, his new persona. The name derives from Glenn in the following way. Firstly, drop all letters until you’re left with G. People called him that for a while. Then, introduce two new letters that give you a Mediterranean feel. Try ‘i’ and ‘o’. Add a smidgen of olive skin and people are left wondering, “Is he really Italian?”

Mysterious. Sexy.

Gio is a pupil at St. Swithun’s College in East Hampton. It’s a boarding school so most of the other pupils don’t need to know he’s really from Dundee rather than the Italian Riviera. He’s an only child which means that his parents dote on him. The common word to describe him is spoilt. But what parents wouldn’t want to give their only child all that they could?

Gio has a short fuse. He never really blows his top but he’s easily aggravated. Yet to those he likes he’s warm, caring, funny and dependable sort of guy. Those who are closest to him know when they’ve set him off which means that most of his ranting and raving is ignored. Gio doesn’t mind as long as people let him blow off his steam.

Gio’s ability* is his super sense of smell. It comes in a few parts…

Firstly, he can literally see smells. They appear to him coloured as if the gas that carried them were laced with dye. Secondly, his nose is super sensitive. Even the faintest whiff to others is a real stench to Gio. Finally, he can make smells visible to others if he so wishes.

Gio is just a typical teenage boy with an odd super power. Desperate to impress but deep down longing to be accepted.

*I should mention that my novel is set in a world were abilities are common but not altogether glamorous.

#Part of the Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge#


4 thoughts on “Meet Gio

  1. Hmmm … interesting – how’d you come up with an ability like seeing smells? I wrote about a character in a book too 🙂 well done! Just stopping by to see what people are writing about for the Challenge.

    • Well now, my novel is set in a world were super powers exist but they are so dull or unimpressive that no one pays much attention. I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to come up with powers that weren’t obviously great but also weren’t utterly useless!

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