Judge Not Lest You Be Judged

They say never judge a book by it’s cover. And that makes sense, to a point. But for those who love the physical nature of books it’s an odd piece of advice. Sure, I get it, the content can be awful even in a book with a great cover and visa versa. But there’s something about the whole package that’s important when reading.

And it’s not just the cover! The quality of the paper the words are printed on, the formatting of the text, even the smell of the book (which can be awful as well as enchanting). All these and more can have a huge impact on the reading experience which in turn has a huge impact on our ability to stick with a book or, more importantly, our ability to retain the information it imparts.

Books engage you through more than words and so it’s important to know that the publishers have considered the whole reading experience. From the first page to the last, everything printed in between and even the glue used to hold it all together.

Perhaps the advice should be, “Don’t just judge a book by it’s cover…judge it on a lot more.”