It’s obligatory for a blog to feature an ‘about page.’ I know, I’m a cliché.

But if you’re reading this then presumably you are somewhat interested in me and finding out more about…me.

So, what is there to say? My names Sammy and I’m just getting in to writing. Since mid-2012 I’ve started writing stories. Mostly short stories but I currently have a longer novel in the pipeline too. I suppose I’ve been a writer for quite a lot longer than that; I completed a Masters in Theology not so long ago which required quite the quantity of written word.

I found out about wordpress’s Daily Post and the associated writing/photo challenges and decided it was just the sort of thing to get me off my lazy bottom and write a little more. So that really is why you’re reading this now!

Of course this is all really more about my blog and my writing rather than being about me. If you want to know more about the man behind the writing then maybe you should study what I write, in detail, making inferences about my upbringing and my mental state from my characters, stories and opinions. Or perhaps you could just visit my ‘other blog‘, my real blog, where away from being an aspiring writer I’m a husband, father, follower of Christ, evangelical pastor, tech enthusiast, sport enthusiast and still an aspiring author.


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