Just Me

Just me. All Alone.

Not a prisoner, hiding in the chamber of my mind.

I retreated to the safety of my thoughts. Of course they found me there, but that had been inevitable.



34 thoughts on “Just Me

  1. I’m always surprised myself when peeps manage to barrel their way into my thoughts! Can’t they see the closed thinking expression on my face?? (: Awesome piece.

    • Hopefully not too familiar. I meant this as a psychological thriller…who are the people who find the person? What are they hiding from?

      Most seem to have taken it a bit more lightly which works as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. In university, I had a weekly, 3 hour Philosophy class in a round room, no less. One time, the class began with the Professor excitedly telling us that he had received the most remarkable essay from one of us and, in particular, a sentence that absolutely blew his mind. The sentence was, “I am afraid to be alone with my thoughts in the dark.” Thanks to your story, I am right back in that round room at Ryerson U. in Toronto. Thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚ Btw, it was not I who authored the mind-blowing sentence but I was there for the whole three hours while we discussed and analyzed it.

    • I was hoping it was less a want and more a requirement! In the story I intended the person to be running and hiding from something.

      I guess it works at the level you suggest too.


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